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August 20, 2019

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Adsorption Equipment 2000

Pictured: 30,000 CFM Steam Regenerated Solvent Recovery Unit. Advanced laboratory testing of UMI-2000 Activated Carbon and computerized adsorption isotherms enable scale up to industrial sized equipment!
UMI-2000 are a "full package" adsorber filter supply company. The UMI-2000 office in Red Bluff CA is officially THE "West of the Rockies" distributor and sales office for adsorption filter vessels, IX resins and activated carbon. We offer competitively priced custom fabricated systems with a variety of filter media and internals. Canister drums, steel vessels and high pressure (250 psig) PolyglassTM tanks for liquid flow rates from 5 - 800 gpm and gas phase applications of 125 - 5000 CFM. Over 52 standard adsorber models to choose from! (Larger ASME coded and stamped systems and "Roll-Off" units available upon formal request). Call now! Tel/Fax: 530-528-1361
or E-mail us at: